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Carrying banana experience Mkuu Cultural


Volunteering Opportunity.

We welcome everyone who is interested to work with us in cultural tourism & community development, sustainable tourism development, cultural preservation, within and around the village. With these volunteering opportunities, you will have an unforgettable Tanzania experience in comparison with the normal tour excursions.

We are based on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro’s in Tanzania, the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro is a wonderful and friendly region. We will also assist you to visit and experience other Northern Tanzania attractions famous areas being Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and   Tarangire National Parks. Also, we will assist you to visit other tribes like the famous Maasai. We arrange a reliable, safe, and good accommodation supply with water and electricity for our visitors in the village.

Volunteering in Sustainable tourism.

Tourism for present and future and local smiles and happiness.


Office & Outdoor.

You will work through our project and help to create a sustainable tourism project in our village, this opportunity aims to help to market our Social enterprise to attract more sustainable tourist, build a partnership with tour companies, tour operators, travel agency, Hotels and make sure that we keep on our purpose and make sure we help more development to rural life, help on taking high-quality photos for social media and website, help on improving content in the website and social media management, brochures, help on to develop more rural tourism product, help on raising funds for a different project such as Museum & collection development, bees project, and environmental conservation.

Skills needed

We need a volunteer with any experienced skills below,

  • Tourism marketing.

  • Tourism product development.

  • Travel content development.

  • Social media management.

  • Website management, content development & SEO.

  • Tour operation skills.

  • Beekeeping.

  • Social Enterprise Project development.

  • Fundraising, and

  • Photographing.

Office Location,

Our office is located in Mkuu Rombo approximately 61km from Moshi town and off-the-beaten-path and en route Rongai gate of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Chala.

Our area is characterized by hills with full of banana, coffee, avocados which make the place green and suitable place for any one to live and work.

What to bring.


Where to stay.

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