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Visitor's Do's and Don't

Mkuu Cultural Tourism Enterprise practice sustainable tourism. We practice tourism which respects the environment, culture, and financial welfare of the host community and visitor’s satisfaction. To achieve these goals below are the code f conducts to be followed by our esteemed visitors.

Here are some recommendations our visitors must know before touring.

  • Dress code: wear decent clothes to avoid overexposure of the body.

  • Do not tempt the locals, especially children by offering them sweets, because it may encourage begging, as anywhere gifts should be given as a true expression of friendship, appreciation, or thanks.

  • Respect people's privacy while taking photographs. Ask for prior permission before taking a photograph, our guide will assist you on this.

  • Carry back all non-degradable litter such as empty bottles, tins, plastic bags.

  • Do not leave cigarette butts or make open fires in the farms or forests.

  • No cutting or removing of any vegetation in the forest reserve or other protected areas, collecting seeds, and picking flowers are highly discouraged.

  • Interact with locals, while touring around it's your chance to meet locals for cultural exchange just say hello or Jambo they will replay with a big smile.

  • Learn Swahili basics words will help you to get more connected with locals.

  • Tipping your local guide, local mama chefs, traditional dancers or Coffee farmer is a sign of appreciation and satisfaction, there is no limit amount of tipping.

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